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1st Class Honours – International
2nd Class Honours – International
3rd Class Honours – International

Prize Presentation Ceremony and Exhibition:

In light of the spread of novel coronavirus, students’ health and safety has always been the priority for us. We therefore regret to inform you that the Prize Presentation Ceremony and Exhibition of the Awarded Works of the competition scheduled between 28 and 30 March, 2020 have been cancelled. Prizes for overseas awardees will be posted to their schools in due course. For Hong Kong students, arrangement of collecting their prizes will be announced later.

Details of Competition


  • To boost students’ awareness of global issues, the international year declared by the United Nations is adopted as our competition’s theme every year. The theme of this year is “International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements”, aiming to enhance students’ awareness of the periodic table and basic sciences, and to encourage reflections upon their impacts on scientific development and quality of daily life.
  • To establish an international platform for students to express and share their views on the theme with other participants around the world through art and creativity.

Age Group (According to the Date of Birth of Participant):

Group 1 on or after 1-9-2013
Group 2 1-9-2010 to 31-8-2013
Group 3 1-9-2007 to 31-8-2010
Group 4 1-9-2004 to 31-8-2007
Group 5 1-9-2000 to 31-8-2004

Entry Requirements:

  • Artwork can be made with various media and styles, including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, three-dimensional construction, computer graphic, or other technique (except materials which are perishable, polluting, pest attracting or stinking).
  • Size of two-dimensional artwork: Up to 84 cm x 120 cm maximum.
  • Size of three-dimensional artwork: Up to 84 cm x 100 cm x 120 cm maximum.
  • Each entry should not be mounted, folded or rolled-up.


  • Hong Kong participants cannot apply for the “International Competition”. Awarded entries of “Hong Kong Competition” will be shortlisted to the “International Competition”.
  • Each school should not submit more than 5 entries for each age group. Each participant should not submit more than 1 entry (including team work entry). It is not allowed to have more than 4 students in each team work entry.
  • Artwork should not have been submitted to any other competitions or exhibitions. If the artworks are submitted at the incorrect age group or any rules above are being violated, eligibility of the participant will be terminated.
  • All entries submitted will be retained for educational purposes and will not be returned. The artwork and the copyright of all entries will belong to the organizers.

Intellectual Property Rights:

All participants, their parents or guardians and principals should note and agree to the following:

  • No entries infringing intellectual property rights will be accepted. In cases when the organizers, co-organizers or any related/affiliated organizations of the Competition are put to any legal actions, demands, claims and costs arising from the entries that are infringing intellectual property rights, the entrants concerned shall accept full liability and indemnify the organizers, co-organizers or any related organizations of the Competition for all loss and damages; and
  • The organizers retain the right to edit, alter, publish, or use any entries in any forms for exhibition and educational purposes.

Adjudication Panel:

A panel of experts will be invited to select the artworks and to decide on the results of the Competition. The organizers will have the ultimate decision.

Criteria of Adjudication:

Including creativity, skill, and expression of the theme of the artwork, and participant’s expressive capability.

Submission of Entries:

  • Participants should download and fill the “Application Form of International Competition” and fill out the “Entry Information” (sheet 1).
  • Print out the “Entry Form” (sheet 2) and “Label of Entry” (sheet 3), and stick the labels on the back of the artworks.
  • Save the whole Excel file in a CD and submit it with the printed “Entry Form” and entries to “Po Leung Kuk C W Chu College, 1 Tin Sam Street, Lung Hang Estate, Tai Wai, Sha Tin, N.T., Hong Kong”, from 28 October to 8 November 2019 (both dates inclusive), from 9 am to 5 pm, by mail or in person. Please state “2019 International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements Art and Design Competition (International Competition)” on the parcel.


1st Class Honours, 2nd Class Honours and 3rd Class Honours for each age group.

  • 1st Class Honours and 2nd Class Honours: Each will be awarded a trophy, a certificate and a collection album of the awarded works of the Competition. The awardee will also be invited to attend the Prize Presentation Ceremony.
  • 3rd Class Honours: Each will be awarded a certificate and a collection album of the awarded works of the Competition.
  • All entries awarded 1st or 2nd Class Honours will be published in the album “A Collection of the Awarded Works of 2019 International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements Art and Design Competition”. The copyright of the album will belong to the organizers.

Prize Presentation Ceremony and Exhibition:

The ceremony and exhibition will be held in March 2020. Part of the outstanding entries will be displayed at the exhibition. Details will be announced by February 2020.

Announcement of the Results of Adjudication:

The results of adjudication will be announced on the Competition website and mailed to the participating schools by February 2020. Each participating school will also receive 5 certificates of which the award names and recipients are at the discretion of each school.


Details and entry forms can be obtained from the Competition website. For enquiries, please contact Ms. Emily Cheung, Education Affairs Department of Po Leung Kuk ([email protected]).

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